What’s in a chicken-box?

“It is equally crucial that we invest more in support services within communities and for parents who might be struggling to keep their children out of gangs.” Continue Reading

Being a ‘Lame duck’ leader doesn’t have to be lame

Yesterday, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, won a vote of confidence held among her parliamentary colleagues with 200-117 tally. While the 117 figure looks rather high (because it is), I’m surprised it wasn’t higher given the unfortunate election campaign… Continue Reading

Time to Rethink School League Tables?

An investigation by the Times revealed how some schools have been manipulating the system in order to maintain a higher league table ranking.  It found that “almost 13,000 teenagers did not have results recorded in league tables last year despite appearing on their… Continue Reading

Change of mind in a democracy does happen…but

The range of opinion on the EU referendum outcome of 23 June 2016 is as varied as there are trees in the amazon. One of the key debating points being broached by those against the referendum outcome is for a… Continue Reading

Why Greengate row matters for the Police and policing

In England, we have police men and women who carry out their roles with the utmost level of integrity and probity. I know quite a few, whom, despite the huge changes within their respective policing areas, remain committed to the… Continue Reading

Day 5 of 7 #ShareTheGood

I have a dream. It is a dream borne out of a firm belief in the genius of human imagination. The type of imagination that built the great pyramids in Africa. The imagination that built great machines which now plough… Continue Reading

Day 3 of 7 #ShareTheGood

Elephants are among the most majestic creatures on our beautiful planet. Their gracious sagacious swagger give that impression that makes you want to grow arms long enough to want to hug them in one swoop. Lions might be the kings… Continue Reading

My 7-day experiment in sharing online goodness

This is nothing new but is something that has often bugged me. Check online news and one would be forgiven for believing the world is full of negativity, deluded terrorists, racist xenophobes, moped thieves, peadophiles, greedy bankers and bonkers politicians.… Continue Reading

Why I back Lord Neuberger

The outgoing President of the UK Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger, recently spoke out about the undermining of the judiciary especially by the media and the importance of maintaining the neutrality of this tier of government. Perhaps, an oft forgotten aspect of… Continue Reading

National Citizens Service initiative: Gotta love it

It’s yet a real wonder to me that the perception of young people today remains one of a feckless, irresponsible generation of drug-taking, sex crazed layabouts who have life so easy, while waiting for the bank of mum/dad/England to bail… Continue Reading

Short bits: It’s good to talk

Might texts and emails be limiting your success? Why not try talking instead? I employ about fifty staff in my business with three middle managers. Invariably when one of the three contacts me to discuss an issue they’re having with… Continue Reading

I am concerned about the current proposals to expand the provision of grammar schools in England and am somewhat unconvinced as to how this huge change in education policy will help address the pressing challenges facing our country. Unless, I… Continue Reading

Time to promote work based learning and qualifications

(This article was first published and written for the popular website ConservativeHome on 15 August 2016) Growing up as a child, I recall my mother and father taking turns during family prayer before they went to work. In those prayers –… Continue Reading