What’s in a chicken-box?

“It is equally crucial that we invest more in support services within communities and for parents who might be struggling to keep their children out of gangs.” Continue Reading

The Leadership we get..

It is not sufficient to want politicians who know the cost of a loaf of bread, average rent in London or average increase in the cost of fuel between 2017 and 2018; we need elected representatives who have lived life, made mistakes and learned from it. Continue Reading

Time to Rethink School League Tables?

An investigation by the Times revealed how some schools have been manipulating the system in order to maintain a higher league table ranking.  It found that “almost 13,000 teenagers did not have results recorded in league tables last year despite appearing on their… Continue Reading

Religion, race and royals

Bishop Michael Curry. If you don’t know who he is – ask Google. He spoke at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on Saturday. Quite frankly, the jury is still out on which was the highlight of the… Continue Reading

A Westminster crisis made in Hollywood

  The saying that ‘When America coughs, Britain catches a cold’ has never been more apt. This week, senior political figures in Westminster have either been suspended by their political parties, stood down from positions of high authority due to… Continue Reading

Day 7 of 7 #ShareTheGood

A great teacher once responded to His followers some 2000 years ago after they came to ask Him “who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”, said He, “Unless you become as these little children, you cannot see the… Continue Reading

Day 6 of 7 #ShareTheGood

In my one man effort to take on the wholesale industry of online negativity and pessimism, a few important things have thus far emerged. Firstly, if you want to find the good, you have to search for it and secondly,… Continue Reading

Day 4 of 7 #ShareTheGood

The issue of race has dominated much of certain media lately. The loud voice of nuanced bigotry, xenophobia clouded in diplomacy and outright fascism all get to speak in a democratic society. Statues may rise and fall just as historical… Continue Reading

Day 2 of 7 #ShareTheGood

It was a thrill to take one of my children to football today. Seeing him so excitedly prepare himself for training and get dressed nearly two hours before we left the hours was just cute.   Which made me think… Continue Reading

My 7-day experiment in sharing online goodness

This is nothing new but is something that has often bugged me. Check online news and one would be forgiven for believing the world is full of negativity, deluded terrorists, racist xenophobes, moped thieves, peadophiles, greedy bankers and bonkers politicians.… Continue Reading

For this reason – I thank the Obama Family

I admit it – I was thrilled and have been inspired to see a black man, especially, reach such a high status in society and the world. One thing you might not realise is how desperately short, western media is… Continue Reading

National Citizens Service initiative: Gotta love it

It’s yet a real wonder to me that the perception of young people today remains one of a feckless, irresponsible generation of drug-taking, sex crazed layabouts who have life so easy, while waiting for the bank of mum/dad/England to bail… Continue Reading

Short bits: It’s good to talk

Might texts and emails be limiting your success? Why not try talking instead? I employ about fifty staff in my business with three middle managers. Invariably when one of the three contacts me to discuss an issue they’re having with… Continue Reading

America: Too Big To Fail now

  When the anger, vitriolic hyperboles and shock wears off, my good friends in America who were aghast at the election of President-Elect Trump may wish to arrive at a similar position as did Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith… Continue Reading

From Hope to Hate in a Heartbeat

“Yes we can” ran through the airwaves in the months leading up to Barack Obama winning his first term in office nearly ten years ago. So resounding was this clarion call of hope, dreams and self belief that, aside from… Continue Reading