What’s in a chicken-box?

“It is equally crucial that we invest more in support services within communities and for parents who might be struggling to keep their children out of gangs.” Continue Reading

Day 2 of 7 #ShareTheGood

It was a thrill to take one of my children to football today. Seeing him so excitedly prepare himself for training and get dressed nearly two hours before we left the hours was just cute.   Which made me think… Continue Reading

My 7-day experiment in sharing online goodness

This is nothing new but is something that has often bugged me. Check online news and one would be forgiven for believing the world is full of negativity, deluded terrorists, racist xenophobes, moped thieves, peadophiles, greedy bankers and bonkers politicians.… Continue Reading

Short bits: It’s good to talk

Might texts and emails be limiting your success? Why not try talking instead? I employ about fifty staff in my business with three middle managers. Invariably when one of the three contacts me to discuss an issue they’re having with… Continue Reading

The liberty to dream and audacity of hope

I maintain that the thing I am most proud of is to see my children fulfill their aspirations and to know I played some small part in helping them along the way. Perhaps, one reason why this is so is… Continue Reading