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Genetic engineers are at the forefront of something that may revolutionise life and living conditions. CRISPR-Cas9 may change a lot of things.

I have a dream. It is a dream borne out of a firm belief in the genius of human imagination. The type of imagination that built the great pyramids in Africa. The imagination that built great machines which now plough the gaseous blue and white fields beneath the sky. The imagination that built networks allowing mankind to talk with and see one another though they be separated by vast oceans…I have a dream.

I have a dream that in years not too far hence, diseases which now cause unspeakable suffering to uncountable numbers will lose their sting; and the conditions which stunt life and limit the bounds of a full lived existence, will no longer be heard of but only in our history books.

I have a dream, that through the genius of man, the very molecular fabric from which the rich tapestry of human life is woven, will someday be unwound and re-wound again for the creation of a healthier mind and stronger body. I have a dream, that someday, mankind will be confronted with the stark reality of how close to being a god he is and yet, what blessing and burden this will prove.

Yes! I have a dream. It is dream inspired by a realisation that the one thing man fears the most is death or being reminded of his own humanity, and the other he loves the most is living. And though the times and tide in the affairs of man have thus far shed light on how destructive to life and living he can be, this one truth we know for sure; it is a truth which has stood the test of time and will still withstand all such to come, man will do what he must to preserve his own.

So, far from dreaming of a perfect world, the likes of which mankind has never known before, I dream of a better, different world buoyed by medical and technological advances, and that world is happening before our eyes.

Thus while this scientific tidal wave roars along, lawmakers will suddenly be confronted with more cost effective tools for dealing with the rising cost of an ageing population or preventable cardiovascular diseases etc while also having to offset this against the moral and ethical challenges genetic editing brings.

In all, the march has begun and the lot of humanity will better for it in the long run.

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