Day 7 of 7 #ShareTheGood

Jack and his new friend, a Syrian refugee, Rani who was relocated to Salford near Manchester, England.

A great teacher once responded to His followers some 2000 years ago after they came to ask Him “who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven”, said He, “Unless you become as these little children, you cannot see the kingdom of heaven”. In other words, the greatest will be the most humble, charitable, teachable, forgiving, loving, non-judgemental and most hopeful. These are attributes of little children of which as adults, we can learn much from.

Evidence number one; sometime ago I was spending time alone with one of my young sons. During this time we got talking about my father and how I wished we had shared more time together as he died of cancer a few years ago in his mid 60s. The young boy, with suddenly moist eyes looked at me and said “Dad? Are you saying if grandad was still here, you will be spending time with him like you are spending with me now?” I said “Yes I would”. He just came up to me and gave me a hug, crying his eyes out.

As a little child, he could feel my loss but also felt the security he now enjoys having a father that’s present in his life. The level of empathy he displayed and the depth of it was quite breathtaking.

Evidence number two; I recently saw a video interview of two young boys on a UK Morning TV program.

Rani is a Syrian refugee relocated to Salford near Manchester in the north of England. Jack is a classmate of his with seemingly little in common. The following are their words while the pair were being interviewed on TV. Jack said, referring to Rani  “He was in the corner by himself so I thought he needed a friend so I thought as a person I’ll go up to him and ask him, “how are you and where are you from?” and he said “Syria”, and I took a step back and thought, well on the TV you hear bad things about it, so I said “come and join us, join our group”, and here we are.’

Rani then added this heartwarming words “When I was alone I was really sad because I didn’t have any friends, when Jack came up to me I felt something in my heart and then we were friends.”

6yr old Alex pictured with President Obama following his letter to the President of the United States of America for help.

Evidence number three; did you hear about that letter written by a six year old boy named Alex from New York to the then President Obama asking the President for help in his effort to support a young Syrian refugee he saw on TV?

To finish off on the subject of sharing the good online, I will leave you with the video clip below of a physically disabled toddler who does something quite remarkable when he notices a baby crying.

We live in a wonderful world where many good things are happening. Maybe, just maybe, if more of us choose to share the goodness that surround us, the junk that seem to fill our cyber world would end up in the dump.

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