What do Politics and Football have in common?

Theresa May with husband, Phillip outside 10 Downing Street soon after becoming Conservative Party leader in 2016

You know your days are numbered the moment fans start chanting your name!

Theresa May, the British Prime Minister is now going through the mill that many leaders, especially those in high profile public spaces go through. Just over a year ago, the PM was described as the most popular politician in the UK. A poll even found that among Labour voters, she was three times more popular than Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour party leader. There was a wave of hysteria and air of invincibility that surrounded Theresa May, the likes of which drew comparison with Margaret Thatcher’s successive election victories as Prime Minister. Ironically, the wave of mad and messianic frenzy that is surrounding Jeremy Corbyn is emblematic of this, only far worse as to be insane.

Alas, let all be warned, a standing ovation rarely, if ever, lasts but for a small moment. Hope you are reading this Jeremy Corbyn. Those chants of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ will eventually become ‘Noooo, Jeremy Corbyn’.

It is most bizarre that some Tory MPs would be plotting to oust the Prime Minister having been in office for just over a year with about four and half years remaining in this parliament. One would have though Theresa May and Frank De Boer, the now sacked manager of Premier League’s Crystal Palace were in the same business. In case you didn’t know, the latter was sacked by his club after just FIVE matches and 77  days in charge.

Remember this?

Politics can be a fragile business at the best of times and no such time has that been more clear than in the last year. About a year ago, almost all of Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet resigned or refused to openly back him. In fact, some Labour MPs would not be caught dead shaking hands with him let alone have him on their campaign literature just a few months ago. It is also worth remembering that it was under Corbyn that Labour lost the Copeland seat for the first time since 1935 to Trudy Harrison.

Guess who the Prime Minister and Leader of the governing Conservative Party was during this time by-election? Yup! You got it – Theresa May. The same Theresa May that many Conservative MPs wanted to come and visit their constituencies to open a village fete because they knew she would raise their profile locally, the same Theresa May who was apparently received with raucous applause by parliamentary colleagues when she walked into the 1922 Committee room having just won the leadership contest of her party.

How swiftly the tide turns given that her time as PM has not significantly changed or reversed any of the major policies that saw David Cameron win the 2015 general election. Some have clearly been spooked by the remarkable turn of fortune that Corbyn has enjoyed in such a very short period of time given his past low popularity. Instead of however, looking at ideas and approach, they agitate for a change of leadership as though moving a dead man from one coffin to another suddenly brings him back to life. 

Back to Crystal Palace who sacked their manager after just five matches. On replacing him with the former England manager, Roy Hodgson, they have lost their first match 1-0, won the next 1-0, then lost to Man City 5-0 and most recently Manchester United 4-0. Not bad. A change of leadership got the team one goal and one win, but still lost three and conceded 10!

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