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As an aid – Akinbusoye is pronounced ‘Akeen-boo-so-yay’. Not so hard after several decades of practise.

I was born in Nigeria but came to England aged 13 with my father and twin sister (no we do not look alike). We settled in Upton Park, East London above a textile factory. I can still smell the fabric being processed and the steam that slithered its way into the ether all through the day.

I attended St. Pauls’ Secondary School on Shelmerdine Close in Bow, then went on to study for my ‘A’ Levels at City of Westminster College. I read for my BA in Business Communications at the then London College of Printing and Distributive Trades before reading for a Master’s Degree in International Studies and Diplomacy at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Entrepreneurship and business are areas I am very familiar with. I started running a ‘business’ aged 16 to raise money for a Basketball Summer Camp. I have not stopped since then! Through family friends, I mostly did DIY jobs – one of which went disastrously wrong!  Out of kindness, the gentleman still paid me. Since then, I have ventured into the building trade, fashion promotion and sales, web designing, training and for the last decade and a half or so – the provision of security and asset protection solutions to the Cinema industry. I am equally kept busy working for two brilliant Members of Parliament, sitting on the board of the YMCA charity where I used to live as a 22yr old young man and assisting other community organisations.

Growing up as a teenager, by far the biggest influences on my life were my parents (dad especially who worked three cleaning jobs to make ends meet), basketball and my faith. These three influences kept me in check. I consider myself very fortunate to have very positive lingering memories of childhood. I will however confess that growing up in East London was tough – but I knew no better at the time. This period clearly helped shape my core values with respect to education, hard-work and industry, family and parenting, integrity, teamwork and commitment to the public good.

I am naturally a conservative who believes that a society does best when its constituent individuals and families are doing well – as each contributes their share to the community. I passionately believe that in a thriving society, everyone has something of value to offer irrespective of their age, sexuality, gender, ethnicity or financial situation. The challenge of society as I see it – is how to help each person maximise their potential and contribute to the welfare of the nation. It was a privilege for me to have contested as a Conservative Parliamentary candidate, the West Ham constituency during the 2015 General Election. This was a life experience among many that I am proud of. 

These values drive my roles as Board Member on a College’s board of governors, work within HM Prisons, speaking in schools and colleges to inspire others – especially young people and currently as Chairman of the Milton Keynes Conservative Federation where I get to work with a strong team of activists, Members of Parliament and local councillors also.

All these being said – by far my greatest single passion is my family. Fewer things compare to the joys of learning the offside rule in football or understanding the game of netball – thanks to my children’s love of these. Other passions include politics, public speaking and working out. When allowed to – I also love cooking.

My favourite indulgence without question is Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (Chunky Monkey flavour to be precise). Thank you for visiting my website.66

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