Being a ‘Lame duck’ leader doesn’t have to be lame

Yesterday, the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, won a vote of confidence held among her parliamentary colleagues with 200-117 tally. While the 117 figure looks rather high (because it is), I’m surprised it wasn’t higher given the unfortunate election campaign… Continue Reading

Change of mind in a democracy does happen…but

The range of opinion on the EU referendum outcome of 23 June 2016 is as varied as there are trees in the amazon. One of the key debating points being broached by those against the referendum outcome is for a… Continue Reading

Why I back Lord Neuberger

The outgoing President of the UK Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger,┬árecently spoke out about the undermining of the judiciary especially by the media and the importance of maintaining the neutrality of this tier of government. Perhaps, an oft forgotten aspect of… Continue Reading

EU Referendum: When ridicule is all that’s left

I declare upfront that I am in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union. A primary driver for my decision is not because of a lovefest with the EU’s institutions but rather because I believe Britain is already a… Continue Reading