Fest-Thought: On Saints and Sinners; from Churchill to Mandela.

There is an air of seemingly unending moral dilemmas facing Britain right now which have us all talking. As usual, these come with their sharp divides – as if the ongoing Brexit drama wasn’t enough. Here are some Fest-Thoughts on… Continue Reading

Day 4 of 7 #ShareTheGood

The issue of race has dominated much of certain media lately. The loud voice of nuanced bigotry, xenophobia clouded in diplomacy and outright fascism all get to speak in a democratic society. Statues may rise and fall just as historical… Continue Reading

Public perception and how wrong we can be

The recent Ipsos Mori ‘Perils of Perception-2015’ poll made for some grim reading. It goes a long way to support the idea that quite a number of us are more led in our alleged ‘informed opinion’ and indeed, the ideas… Continue Reading

If something is not impossible…thoughts on Sir Nicholas Winton.

Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime; and departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Of such a life was that of Sir Nicholas Winton, the man… Continue Reading

Charleston shooting and why terrorism must be redefined.

I love America. It is a land that remains a beacon of enterprise and innovation. It is a nation whose history represents what it does best – strive to be the best. I’ve experienced first hand that which many of… Continue Reading

Selection as Parliamentary Candidate for West Ham

On Sunday 2 November, I was selected as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate to contest the West Ham seat in the 2015 General Election. I am more delighted about this opportunity because this is where I grew up and settled as… Continue Reading