A Westminster crisis made in Hollywood

  The saying that ‘When America coughs, Britain catches a cold’ has never been more apt. This week, senior political figures in Westminster have either been suspended by their political parties, stood down from positions of high authority due to… Continue Reading

What do Politics and Football have in common?

You know your days are numbered the moment fans start chanting your name! Theresa May, the British Prime Minister is now going through the mill that many leaders, especially those in high profile public spaces go through. Just over a… Continue Reading

Conservatives’ working class support overtake Labour’s: New poll show

During the 2015 General Election, I was asked by a CCHQ press officer to write an article for a popular newspaper which targets the African and Caribbean community. It was an invitation to encourage ethnic minority voters to back the… Continue Reading

When women rule the world

One of the things that struck me by some of the recent EU referendum debates (not the actual election ) was the high testosterone, highly male dominated look, feel and tone of the discourse. I then had a moment thinking… Continue Reading

What’s so bad about a U-Turn?

The short answer is … nothing! It has been politics at one of its worst when calls for a resignation met the government’s decision to make a U-turn on some of the welfare reform plans set out by the Chancellor in… Continue Reading

Why is government waste more acceptable than cuts?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer today announced the budget in which some interesting announcements were made. Quite striking to me are the increases in income tax threshold from £10,500 to £11,000 next year, raise in the higher rate 40p tax… Continue Reading

Political promises and the perils thereof.

The election season will be upon us shortly. For some, that would be the ideal time to emigrate out of the country but for the likes of yours truly – it’s a time to exercise a most cherished privilege. I… Continue Reading